Watercolour Heart DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial

It is November and Christmas is just around the corner! I positively adore christmas, it is my favourite time of year and I love getting crafty and creative to celebrate a time of giving! It is Watercolour Heart’s first Christmas and I had so much fun designing the six different Christmas wreaths that can be used for gifts, unique christmas decor or cards. Although Christmas is a time of giving, it can get incredibly expensive between actual gifts, wrapping and labels. Watercolour Heart is all about sharing the Christmas spirit in an affordable and creative way so here are some Christmas wrapping ideas and tutorials to match my latest wreaths!

Firstly, brown paper is your BEST FRIEND! It is affordable and has a beautiful rustic vibe to it that goes with everything! From satin ribbons to string, brown paper is an affordable way to add a crafty/home-made feel to your gift.

Traditional Christmas

Trending colours come and go, but there are some of us who just can get over that good old red and green. For a more contemporary take use brown paper and a red satin ribbon, here I’ve paired it with my traditional wreath for that classic look.

The red striped paper just gives the card a pop and ties it in with the ribbon. Here I have just pasted the striped paper onto a normal piece of brown card with the illustration on top. I also added some adhesive wooden red hearts.

“Ingredients” for wrapping

Traditional Wreath and Wrapped gift

Traditional Wreath and Wrapped gift

Apple blossom & Pinecones

For those who love soft and feminine touches to Christmas wrapping this colour palette is perfect from the dusty pinks to the warm browns. To match this wreath I have made a card with half brown card stock and half striped pink card with the illustration on top. Brown card is wonderful because it is so easy to pair with a more decorative card stock without making it too busy. To add to the card I have attached a satin dusty pink ribbon.

Apple blossom & Pinecones wreath and wrapped gift

Apple blossom & Pinecones wreath and wrapped gift

Each illustration with a christmas wreath ordered comes with a free set of matching labels (YAY). In this case the mini pegs pictured below are your other best friend, they are adorable and wonderful for attaching labels to gifts.

Adorable mini pegs

Adorable mini pegs

The labels have cut out marks indicating where you can easily cut to get that beautiful circle label!IMG_4792IMG_4796

Masala and Teal

With masala being the colour of the year for 2015, I had though to pair it with teal to really bring out the richness of the red. This is quite a lovely combination so to expand on my masala and teal wreath, I found some gorgeous crushed masala coloured paper and beautiful teal satin ribbon. I cut the illustration into a square and chopped off the corners where the coloured paper could show through.

Blue Moon

Blue is such a wonderful colour to incorporate into Christmas, it is wintery, clean & crisp and there is something lovely and royal about it. My Blue Moon Wreath has tones of blue and purple and to pair it with the brown paper I chose a midnight blue satin ribbon, corrugated blue paper for the card and two small blue feathers because there are feathers incorporated in the wreath. Below you can also see an example of one of the free labels! To make the card I simply pasted the illustration on the corrugated blue paper and it looked fantastic!

Succulents and String

I could not resist creating a Christmas wreath with the organic and fresh vibe that succulents bring! Brown paper packages tied up with string- add succulents- and you have a few of my favourite things! For this wrapping tutorial to pair with the wreath it is a must to get some brown string and maybe a piece of lace ribbon. I found a gorgeous brown paper with a lace pattern on it, which was a complete win for me. Even without the illustrations, just pairing the pretty succulent labels with brown paper is too charming!

collage succulents

Brown paper with lace print on the left


Peppermint Twist

Last but not least if you really want to jazz up your christmas colours you’d love my peppermint twist wreath with lime and pink (no one could miss this colour combo under the tree). To jazz up our good old brown paper I found a gorgeous, thick, lime satin ribbon and paired it with a thin pink and white candy cane looking string. In terms of card and illustration pairing, I simply placed the illustration on brown card to keep it bright but simple.IMG_5000

There you have it, six lovely colour combinations that match my Christmas Wreaths and how you can use brown paper as an affordable alternative for wrapping gifts!


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