Christmas with Watercolour Heart <3

I have been waiting so long for this post, where I could finally launch my christmas wreath range! Although it is not December yet, we all know christmas sneaks up on us so quickly and lots of time is needed to plan how we are going to give, cherish and celebrate! Having a personalised illustration business it is quite evident that I love special moments and making them creative and truly unique in an artistic form. I also LOVE christmas so here are my six designed christmas wreaths for this christmas season! With each christmas wreath order customers will receive 8 free matching labels for their chosen wreath just to spread the christmas cheer!

Traditional Christmas

Trending colours come and go, but there are some of us who just can get over that good old red and green. This wreath is all about those classic elements that remind us of a traditional christmas and timeless memories.

traditional christmas

Apple blossom & Pinecones

For those who love soft and feminine touches to christmas this colour palette is perfect from the dusty pinks to the warm browns. It is also lovely for those who prefer a more neutral christmas colour palette.

pink christmas

Masala and Teal

With masala being the colour of the year for 2015 it seemed ridiculous to not include it into a 2015 christmas wreath. Being such a rich and deep colour I paired it with teal in a dainty wreath to give a truly whimsical christmas effect.

masala christmas

Blue Moon

Blue is such a wonderful colour to incorporate into Christmas, it is wintery, clean & crisp and there is something lovely and royal about it. In the Blue Moon wreath I have paired it with shades of purple for a cosy wintery christmas feel.

blue:purple christmas

Succulents and String

Brown paper packages tied up with string- add succulents- and you have a few of my favourite things! Succulents are light and oh so pretty, considering it is summer in South Africa over christmas, if you are not feeling the wintery Blue Moon wreath then this one is a must!

succulents and string

Peppermint Twist

For a fun and fresh take on christmas, if you really want to jazz up your colours you’d love my peppermint twist wreath with lime and pink (no one could miss this colour combo under the tree). Fresh and bright but not overwhelming you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store!

peppermint twist labels

If you love these then stand a chance to win a free illustration with a christmas wreath! The lovely Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town is busy running a christmas giveaway with me so don’t miss out! Click on the link below to see how you can enter!


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